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THE LORD'S NAME  gives one a complete sense of surrender to an inner conscience and peace while repeating or writing the golden words. All the sences are engaged in the service of lord.

It is the connecting chords with the divine and your inner self.

 It is believed that a calmness engulfs as one indulges in writing or saying 

Sri Rama Jayam bringing in more clarity of mind, 

tolerance and strength to withstand obstacles in life

The mantra forms an unending stream of bliss and a inner noise proclaiming

 that the Universe is just expanding giving in more opportunities and prosperity.

 As you write or say this matra – in small measures, every day, 

as and when possible, with due respect, it makes everything else 

of life’s needs fall in place automatically., just like a miracle of nature guiding its forces.

You may not get what you want but it will purify things and bring to you in a refined way.

The mythological references states that the name of Rama

s more strong and divine than the Lord Rama himself.

Vedas tell that as the sun dispels the darkness, the chanting of 

Rama Nama dispels all evil and obstacles of life.

It is a way of liberation and salvation of human suffering.

• When you think, that all roads are blocked to walk away from day to day problems, 

writing or repeating ‘Sri Ram Ram Ram’ gives you the most needed 

clarity of thoughts to find away out of odd situations

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