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Hanumanji became "Sankat Mochan" meaning the one who eradicates pain, suffering and sorrow due to the blessings of Lord Ram and His consort Mata Janaki.

As "Sankat Mochan" Hanumanji is believed to be operating even now, and will continue to do so till eternity. Such has been the belief entertained by millions in the past, not without convincing evidence.

As an expression of similar faith, millions recite "Hanuman Chalisa" and "Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtak" daily. Many reliable sources have recorded success in attainment of cherished desires following the adoration of Hanuman through systematic recitation of these two creations of Goswami Tulsidas, which is an amazing phenomenon.

The main incentive for such an effort is provided by the belief that Hanumanji as a live spiritual entity can influence the destiny of a devotee.

In the final analysis I will quote Tulsidas "Ko nahin janat hai jag men, Kapi, sankat mochan naam tiharo.." meaning "O Hanumanji, all your devotees know you are the one who removes their difficulties."


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