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Durham Regional Police Services

Durham Regional Police Service remains active in the community and supports a wide range of community outreach programs.

DRP Children's Disabled Games - The Durham Regional Police holds an annual event in October for physically challenged children ages 6-16. Children have a full day of fun and entertainment and if you would like further details and/or to register, please visit our website at

Community Advisory Committee - The Durham Regional Police Service Community Advisory Committee is established to deal with issues that impact on our diverse community. The appointed citizens to the committee will sit as a consultative and advisory body to the Office of the Chief of Police.

The Heat - The Durham Regional Police band "The Heat" is a unique contemporary rock band comprised of members of the Durham Regional Police Service and the Toronto Police Service. With the assistance of its supporters, the band brings its "Bullies Ain't Tough" tour and CD to 10,000 Durham Region elementary school students per year, free of charge. 

ProAction Cops & Kids - ProAction Cops & Kids is a charitable organization that prov

ides funding for police programs for youth. The ProAction Durham Chapter was established in 2007 to work closely with the Durham Regional Police Service. Funds are provided directly to police officers to run programs for youth such as sports, arts, outdoors recreation and music. In 2008 ProAction provided over $25,000 for Durham Police programs. For more information on ProAction please visit our website

Police Appreciation Dinner and Awards Night (PADAN) - The Police Appreciation Dinner and Awards Night was created to recognize the significant contribution DRPS makes toward the community and to raise money to assist DRPS programs and services for young people and victims of crime. Funds have assisted the Food & Toy Drive, Racing Against Drugs, Special Olympics Ontario 2008 Provincial Spring Games and the Kids' Safety Village. 

Inspector Jeff Haskins

*Working with youth to be successful and to be future leaders with whatever they try and achieve

*Ensuring traffic enforcement and education to have the safest roads

*Paying attention to property crime that affects our residents, municipal infrastructure and business community.

*Monitoring and compliance with judicial orders of violent crime and repeat offenders helping people live successfully while in conflict with the law; preventing violent crime reoccurrence.

*Community visibility and accessibility to your Clarington police officers while being in the right place at the right time on the right priorities.

*Utilizing all opportunities to work with our community partners and agencies to better serve our community.

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